Jul 21, 2015


Greetings friends!

If you haven't heard, on June 30th I put out my latest album.
It's called "Leave It All Behind".
You can find it on any downloadable space, itunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/leave-it-all-behind/id1003464797), amazon, google, spotify (coming soon).
The new music came out of the last 2 years of experiencing lots & lots of pain and lots & lots of joy and I sure hope it speaks to you in some way..
If you like it please feel free to share it and spread the news!



Mar 3, 2014

Studio Update

Friends & Family,

Hello! I have so much to tell you!

So my band and I just spent two 15 hour days in a studio downtown Nashville called The Sound Emporium where we recorded live all together in the same space band style 8 full songs. 
It was the most exhilarating & tiresome (in the best way) 30 or so hours ever. As I've said before, the songs I've written for this new album are from the deepest parts of me. There is so much history & story behind each song and we accomplished so much in our two full days of tracking!We still have MUCH to do though! We have some overdubs to record, as well as a few parts we decided to add after after the fact that would really advance the songs even more that we'll track in my producers home studio. As well as a ton of behind the scenes details that consist of many hours of listening & tweaking, etc..

Also! we have three more songs that we have yet to record that will have more of a stripped down feel to them, allowing the record to have some really great emotion within the highs and lows of its sound.

So my band, I must tell you, is quite literally compiled of some of the most talented people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. There names are: Matthew Melton aka Mr Producer, Grant Pittman, Jacob Schrodt, Jason Miller & Nathan Dugger. These guys have brought there expertise to the table and are helping in such an incredible way to bring these new songs to life! It's truly such an amazing thing to hear this new music take shape.

So we've got a really good chunk of the album done now and I couldn't be happier and more excited to show you! We do as well have a good bit left to finish the record so I'll keep you posted from here on out on the adventure that is the New Album.

Thanks so very much for your patience and support! You guys are amazing & I can't wait to share this new part of my musical life with you. I really think you're going to love this stuff. :)

Much love,

Seth Abram


Dec 9, 2013


I'm officially booking for 2014!!!
For any venue, church, or house show.
Check out the Contact page on how to book a show.
Hope to see you this year!
It's going to be an amazing year. 
I can't wait!

Much love,

Seth Abram 


Nov 4, 2013


Hey friends!

We have launched a KICKSTARTER project
to help fund my next album!
I would absolutely love for you to be a part.
I can't believe I get to do this with YOU.
Please check out the Kickstarter website http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1441478316/be-a-part-of-seth-abrams-first-full-length-album to contribute.
We've only got 25 days to raise our goal! 

Thanks so much!!

Seth Abram 


Aug 22, 2013

So What's A House Show?

"Music draws us together and lifts us up; it puts words to the experiences that we all have in common, and it expresses the unsettling-yet-affirming conviction that there is something transcendent beyond this moment, this place. Sometimes that experience happens in arenas, with thousands of people singing anthems and sensing that they are connected to a large, epic world. And sometimes it happens in intimate, unadorned settings where people are gathered around songs the way they might gather around a meal. They can look each other in the eye and hear the breaths the singer takes between lyrics. This unadorned, intimate experience is what a house show is."

A good friend of mine said that. He's a great writer, but you'd never know since he never posts anything on his blog- http://jasonadammiller.com

A house show to me is one of my most favorite environments to play music in because the amount of interaction between myself and the audience often is so much more that in a normal live music venue. We can go deeper in the experience of the music and sharing in it together. There's usually lots of laughter, possibly a few awkward moments, some really great conversation, and a ton of good memories made. A house show for me is an opportunity to get to know YOU GUYS and develop a relationship with my supporters and really, just have fun hanging out together in the coziness of a home.

The great thing about a house show is that it can be adapted to fit what you're looking for. It can be just me or I can bring a few players; it can be a solo night or there can be an opening act as well. As for the crowd, you could keep it close friends and family, or you could open your home to people you've never met who, like you, feel a connection to the music. You could also ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine or snack to share, or you could play the host and lay out your best spread.

The fee for a house show can vary. Sometimes a host chooses to pay a flat fee. Sometimes their is a cover charge taken at the door, it is dependent on the size of your show. Either way it is up to you.

With that said, I don't want you to miss out!
If you're interested in booking a house show, let's do this!
You can email me here- booking@sethabram.com for more details. 

I'm looking forward to being with you!

Thank You so very much,

Seth Abram


Aug 19, 2013

I'm on a German website?

I'm on a German website?

So I got a message on my facebook music page ( https://www.facebook.com/sethabrammsuic ) last week from a guy who told me he found me on some German website.. Check it!- http://eezyvibes.ch/2013/08/von-louie-bello-zu-seth-abram/ 

It's in German and you can't read it you say!? 
Well me either.
But a friend translated it for me on Google Chrome as seen in the pic shot above.

That's awful nice of the guy who wrote that. :)
Thanks mane! 

Kinda cool right?

Just wanted to share that with you.

Let me know if you find anymore foreign websites with me on them..

Hope y'all are having a good day:)


Seth Abram 


Aug 12, 2013


Hey guys!

So a few weeks ago now I had the incredible opporunity to have for a week one of the featured spots on noisetrade.com.
I'm so grateful for all the amazing people over there runnin all those noises! They're awesome.
And I've gotta say, YOU GUYS were INSANE!
So many of you (1k+) downloaded the "Hold On!" EP and helped me spread it around. I have no words for my depth of gratitude that you'd take part in sharing the art I've put my heart and soul into.

Please continue to spread it around if you believe in it.

We've got a lot of really really good things in the works I'm so jazzzzed about!
New dates, new music, and a lot of exciting opportunities.
I can't wait to share everything with you!

The future is bright y'all, so bright, and it's because of YOU

We're in this together.

Much Love,

Seth Abram 


Jul 17, 2013


Hey guys!!
It's been too long..
I've got good news for you though!

THIS WEEK and this week only, I have the honor of being one of the featured artist on the homepage of noisetrade.com to celebrate my 6 month old EP "Hold On!".
And the best part..
You can download the whole EP on the website for absolutely FREE. 
So get yourself a copy and tell your friends about it.
Spread the joy.
Spread the love. 

Thanks so much for your support and being your awseome selves!

Much Love,

Seth Abram 


Mar 5, 2013

"Leave It All Behind"

A Brand New Song!
Written today.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!




Feb 15, 2013

Brand New EP!!

So it's been a few days now since I had the amazing opportunity of releasing my Brand New EP "Hold On!".
If you've not heard it yet you can check it out on iTunes- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hold-on-ep/id598957912.

Also with the new release I've been doing a little promotional tour in the midwest and amazingly have got to play to a packed venue each night! So a big THANK YOU to all of you who've come out to show your support. I'm blown away by you guys and love you all so much. I really couldn't do this without you! I'm so grateful for you all!

It is such an amazing stage of this process to finally unveil the thing I have poured my heart and soul into, and offer it to the very people it was created for. 
If you know much, or even a little, about the ever-evolving industry of independent artists, we rely almost entirely on the influence of our supporters. Facebook, Twitter, email, and word of mouth are the most critical and effective tools we have. 
So if you've got a minute today I NEED YOUR HELP!
Would you think about spreading the news of this new music either by word of mouth and/or sharing one of the links above on twitter,  facebook, email, text, etc..!?
After you've downloaded the new album, it would be incredible if you would leave a review on iTunes!
Thank you so very much for your support! I truly blessed by you guys!

Keep watch as there will be some more Really Exciting news very soon!
Big things are on the horizon y'all and I'm so glad to have YOU with me.

Thanks for listening,
Seth Abram